SchoolatHome is a comprehensive 360o package scientifically designed on psychometric parameters specifically for kindergarten kids. It comprises a learning kit for hands-on experiences and a digital platform with well-articulated content in the form of pre-recorded animated & graphics video lectures by our well-qualified educators providing fun activities & games and exclusive digital lessons to instil moral & social values in kids. Thus, we are enabling the learners to champion the basics by utilising the best of their creative edge, cognitive skills & socio-emotional skills. Another value addition of the program is our Daily Planner Module for learning & grasping the concepts effectively in a systematic curriculum format with activity materials like art & craft items, clay box, colour set, curriculum books, stationery, worksheets etc. The completion of daily planner will qualify kids to avail certificate too.
The curriculum of SchoolatHome is designed by the subject experts, child development professionals and skilled educators. We ensure that all the materials you receive are tested, child-friendly, age-specific, and of the highest quality.
The duration of each course is eight (8) months, and the day-to-day planner has been designed for 105 days divided into seven (7) stages. Though, the students can complete the course prior & can upgrade to the next level as per their capacity & competency.
The video lectures are bilingual. The concepts have been explained in Hindi as well as English language.
Yes, we do offer a free 7 days trial period. You can always experience the SchoolatHome program before enrolling your child in it.
SchoolatHome is an unbeatable platform in this pandemic because we provide a program that is a wholesome solution to the kids and parents for the education loss due to pandemic. The program offers animated video lectures to make it more fun and engaging. It includes entire stationery items that a student will need in the learning process, worksheets to self-assessment; life-skills based videos offering to learn basic manners and values that enable the kid to grow and develop a good understanding and digital activities to practice and learn. Our package includes everything on one platform that is nowhere else in the market yet.

The qualities like 24*7 lectures can be accessed multiple times. Even after going to school, a student can clarify topics from our content. The use of amusing animation, music and songs help them to be attentive and engaged. Hence, this platform gives value addition to the post-pandemic as an opportunity to learn, adapt, refer, & creatively imply the concepts & fundamentals.
After completing all the stages from the day-to-day planner, the student will be eligible for the certificate.
In SchoolatHome, we suggest you to purchase-
• First, Nursery pack and complete it in 4-5 months.
• Second, LKG pack and complete it in 4-5 months.
• Third, UKG pack and complete it in 4-5 months.
These will help the students to utilise the time in pandemic and also fill the education gap.
We already have customers who bought Nursery/LKG/UKG plan to learn and recover the knowledge which was lacking in online classes. We recommend you the same.
Yes, after the purchase, a unique code will be allotted to you (like #CNE/WB/00-000). Each person using your code while purchasing will get Rs.1000 instant discount, and you will get 1000 reward points (1 point=1 Rupee) each time you refer. These reward points will be collected in your account. You can either use it to purchase our products and packages from our website or can be en-cashed in a single time.
SchoolatHome provides an all-in-one kit, delivered to your doorsteps with a balanced curriculum along with worksheets, school bag, stationery, art and craft items, curriculum books, note books and all items required for hands-on learning.
We have kept the screen time very low to avoid any strain on the eyes of the kids that ranges between 45 minutes to 90 minutes per day (varies from class to class). Our online homeschool program not only includes video lectures but also includes learning and practice activities for kids.
Although your child can attend the recorded sessions any time of the day as per convenience; however, it has been recommended that the time should be kept the same every day to make it a part of the child’s routine.
Your highly secured web login credentials will be packed with our learning kit and delivered to your doorsteps via courier after purchasing the package. It is recommended to watch the lectures on wide screens like – Laptop, computer, etc.
Apart from the preschool academic curriculum, our program also offers life-skills based videos e.g. using a first-aid kit, prayer, how to brush teeth, etc. Also, a child’s behavioural development has been taken care of by incorporating moral tales and stories in the curriculum to develop general etiquettes. All these help in child’s overall development and sharpen his/her brain by making him/her skilful.
The Bunny packages feature rich tablets (8 inch & 10 inch), mapped with SchoolatHome application solely for digital learning only. Hence, the platform equipped secure tools do not allow any interference from unauthorised third party anonymous application in the device on best efforts basis. Hence, kids can enjoy seamless learning in offline/online mode without any hassles.
8 inch Bunny/ 10 inch Bunny will have a tablet with exclusive fun activities that have been created on the motive of ‘Fun2Learn’. This tablet will have downloaded videos that can be further updated and downloaded in our 64 GB Sd card, after which there will be no need for internet. Also, a tablet cover is included in the package.
It is recommended that you accompany your child during his/her learning sessions to ensure that he/she is attentive throughout the sessions and do not leave in the middle, especially until it becomes a part of his/her routine.
No worries, you can upgrade your package within 15 days from the delivery date by paying the difference amount. The web login will be deactivated, and the tablet will be delivered to you with new credentials.
Although, our expert teachers have kept the pace of their lectures as per the understanding of a small child. Still, if he/she has an issue in understanding any topic, the child can watch the video lecture as many times as he or she wants because these video lectures are recorded and can be played again.
Absolutely not. Our SchoolatHome Preschool learning kit contains everything that your child needs to complete the activities and homework. From curriculum books, stationery items, school bag to art & craft items, the kit meets all of your child’s academic requirements.
In SchoolatHome, the child-centric approach of curriculum is followed by keeping in mind the step by step growth of our tiny tots. Along with the curriculum, we teach kids to read, write, speak and enhance their listening skills.
Initial packages do not include an evaluation. However, in future, you can upgrade the package to get evaluated.